August 2010

Make Love, Not War: Why Sex Is Good For World Peace

Anti-war activists in the ‘60s and thousands of buttons distributed at the Mother’s Day Peace March in 1965 popularized the slogan “Make Love, Not War” that’s well-known by many to this day. It represented not only anti-Vietnam war sentiment, it also reflected the new sexual openness and the so-called sexual revolution that was going on [...]

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The World Isn’t Peaceful If We’re Not: 33 Life Lessons

We all start off as blank slates unless we’re talking about previous lives, the collective unconscious, or how the stars were aligned when we were born. But we aren’t talking about those things, interesting though they are. Not today. Today I’m sharing life lessons I’ve learned on my road toward a more peaceful life. Early [...]

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Have You Forgiven Anyone Lately?

Good-nature and good-sense must ever join; To err is human, to forgive divine. —Alexander Pope Essay on Criticism Just after I turned nineteen, I was hit by a car. It was bad, and I was in the hospital for a long time. It was six months before I walked again without crutches, and it took [...]

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